Nick Hendy and Klayton Assin on Ugly Sweater Day at Beaver Brae

Nick Hendy had the dubious distinction of being the runner-up, as Beaver Brae students competed for honours on ugly sweater day.

"I kinda feel like a big candy cane with this thing on, ya know what I mean? I tried a couple of other sweaters, but some of them look kinda good. So, I couldn't wear them on Ugly Sweater Day. I figured this one was a winner for sure," he said.

Honourable mentions went to Parker Strong and Klayton Assin in the men's division, along with Clara Christensen and Madison Johnston in the ladies contest.

Parker Strong shows off his prize-winning knitwear

Parker Strong was a bit of a reluctant model this morning, as he showcased some not so refined knitwear at Beaver Brae.

"Well, my teacher, Mrs. Bennett, got it from Salvation Army. Her mother picked it out, personally."

It was all part of the ugly sweater day at Beaver Brae, and he was joined by some real fashion faux-pas.

Clara Christensen and Mandi Johnston

Honourable mentions?