Vaccine rates across the region have continued to climb according to the Northwestern Health Unit’s recent vaccine update.

The vaccine rate for adults aged 18 and over is 79.7 per cent at least receiving one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 67.4 per cent being fully immunized against COVID-19

Those aged 12 and over are a little behind at 77.9 per cent receiving their first dose of the vaccine and 63.7 per cent being fully vaccinated.

Over a week ago the NWHU reached a historic mark having administered over 100,000 COVID-19 vaccines. As of today, the region sits at a total of 104,814 vaccines given.

Last week the province entered into Step Three of the provinces Roadmap to Reopen plan by meeting certain vaccine thresholds.

To complete Step Three the province's eligible population will need to meet an 80 per cent first dose target and 75 per cent being fully vaccinated and no health region can be below a 70 per cent fully vaccinated target.