It was a bit of a mixed bag in terms of voter turnout in the 2022 Municipal Election in northwestern Ontario.

On average, communities typically report around a 50 per cent voter turnout in most municipal elections. In the region, about half of our communities were able to hit the halfway mark.

In Kenora, the city reports that 5,962 residents voted for a 53.5 per cent turnout. Mayor Andrew Poirier received 64 per cent of the votes for his seat, while Barb Manson received the most votes for the Councillor position with 11.8 per cent.

In Dryden, the Association of Municipalities of Ontario reports that 5,422 voters came out for a 43 per cent turnout. Mayor Jack Harrison received 69 per cent of the votes, with incumbent Councillor Michelle Price receiving the most votes for her position at 15.6 per cent.

Voting turnout was low in Sioux Lookout as the municipality reports a 33 per cent turnout rate. Mayor Doug Lawrance was acclaimed, while incumbent Joe Cassidy saw the most support with 14 per cent of the community’s votes.

The Municipality of Machin saw an even lower turnout at 32.8 per cent. Mayor Gord Griffiths had 59 per cent of voters’ support.

But the majority of the community came out in Red Lake to re-elect Mayor Fred Mota, who had 82 per cent of the town’s support. Red Lake reports a 61.6 per cent turnout rate, with Councillor Warren Badiuk seeing 18 per cent of the ballots.

The Town of Atikokan reports a 56 per cent turnout rate. AMO had initially reported their figures at 93 per cent, which has been corrected. 

Elsewhere, AMO reports that Ear Falls had a 42.6 per cent turnout, Fort Frances had a 49.6 per cent turnout and Pickle Lake saw a 52 per cent turnout.

All candidates were acclaimed in Sioux Narrows-Nestor Falls and the Township of Lake of the Woods.