Beaver Brea Valedictorian Beth Wagenaar says it's been hard being away from the classroom for the last few months of her high school career.

"It's crazy. I never realized how much I would missing being in the school until I couldn't. I've been reaching out to a lot of my friends. It's hard because you can't see them anymore. You don't realize how much you see a person in the day until they're not there," she said.

Students were last in the classroom on March 13.

In the fall Wagenaar will be attending the University of Manitoba to pursue an engineering degree. 

She shares the role of valedictorian with classmate Davy Boucha. He summed up perfectly the feelings held by this year's graduates about the circumstances surrounding the end of their time in high school.

"It's definitely not the way we all thought about going out. Graduation was going to happen, and we were gonna have to leave. We all had a date in mind and we were working towards it but, then that was out last day, and we didn't even know it was going to be our last day at Beaver Brae as students. I think our class is doing a really good job fighting through it and stuff, but then you kinda have these moments where you're like "wow, that was it. That was the end of it,"" he explained.

Boucha plans to pursue a career as a mental health and addictions councillor.