Marvin Sinclair is a spokesman for Washagamis Bay First Nation, and he was at the community's checkpoint this morning to try and eliminate any confusion about the message from members.

As of yesterday, about 100 property owners will no longer be allowed through the First Nation. They include members of the:

  • South End Road Association
  • Northern Peninsula Road Association
  • Welcome Channel Road Corporation
  • 1133406 Ontario Inc.
  • Gold Pointe Association 

"This isn't recent news," said Sinclair this morning.

"The cottagers that are involved in this have been given about a year's notice. I'm not sure if they took it seriously or not, but the day has come," he added. 

"This has nothing to do with the COVID. There are some people that are kind of mixing the issues, but this has nothing to do with COVID. This has to do with the way the way our community is being accessed, the way the roads are being used. Traffic control issues. Safety concerns harassment. In behind here is a graveyard. We've had people come here and throw their garbage here This has been going on for about 20 years or more. I think we've exhausted all measures of remedy or negotiation," Sinclair continued.

"I'm also the lead negotiation on our land claim file. I don't want there to be any mistake. This is not a negotiation," he concluded. 

As long as the COVID situation continues, the community is going to be following the public health guidelines, Sinclair noted.

"We're just making sure we have the right number of cottagers coming and going.

He noted there are some high-profile people living in the area, and the community wants to make sure everyone is safe. The community has appreciated the relationship they've built with the lease holders, Sinclair added.

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