Guests at Cygnet Lake Camp got a front-row seat. Chuck Schafer said water bomber pilots dropped about 60 loads near the resort, after lightning strikes Tuesday led to a fire nearby.

So, Schafer got to watch up close, as water bomber pilots showed off their flying ability by refilling right in front of their dock.

"Oh, it was pretty awesome. It's an amazing sight. Those pilots are so skilled at how they control those planes," Schafer said. "I'm a commercial pilot, myself, and just watching them fly. The way they can bank them in and get down to pick up the water and take off again."

Within about 90 minutes, the pilots had completed their work, before heading off to their next assignment.

"They were only landing about two miles from where the fire was. It was a pretty cool sight," he said. Cygnet Lake is north of Kenora near Minaki, where they don't get a lot of tourist traffic, Schafer noted.

So, if you're out in the woods and you see smoke, it's likely worth reporting, he added.

"There are no bonfires here. If you see something like that, you're probably the first one to see it," he noted.

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