Boaters heading out onto Lake of the Woods near Safety Bay or Rat Portage Bay this morning may have felt they were under attack. That's because the Ministry of Natural Resources water bombers were out on the lake practicing for the fire season.

Here's Fire Information Officer Deb MacLean.

"If there is a water bomber working in an area there are some safety considerations people have to keep in mind. We ask them not to encroach on the water bomber and know that the water bomber will create a wake," she said.


MacLean explains why boaters should stay away if they see a water bomber.

"We ask people to be aware that when a water bomber does start working a lake it is doing so for training for the fire season,as is the case in Kenora today, or they are responding to a fire. They need people for their safety and efficiency for fighting the fire to stay clear of the water bombers," she said.

The forest fire season officially began on April 1.