Crews with the City of Kenora are working to repair a number of roadways in the area after this week’s two torrential downpours.

A section of Gould Road is now closed between addresses #293 and #326, as well as Transmitter Road between #488 and #515. The area has three large culverts and fast-moving water is now over the roadway.

The city says there is a concern with the road washing out and crews will need to assess any damage before reopening.

Essex Road is also closed at Millership Swamp due to water over the road. The city says the swamp area has flooded and levels are expected to recede in the next day or two, as long as we don’t receive any more severe rainfall.

The City of Kenora says these roads will remain closed until roads staff deem them safe to reopen. The public is thanked for their patience and cooperation in avoiding the areas and using detours while these road closures are in place.

The city adds that there will be traffic delays on Sedesky Road today as crews install a culvert, and traffic control is in place.