Even though the water level on Lake of the Woods has begun to peak, wakes still remain an issue for many waterfront property owners.  

Since we last spoke with Ernie Norlund in early June, he and his family have continued to deal with boaters throwing large wakes causing water to overtake his property.

Just since our last interview, Norlund says he has added a couple hundred more sandbags to his sandbag wall. 

“Thanks to the help of my children and neighbours, we have had to raise the wall because there still is the odd boat, and some of them are pretty large, that will come by within the 30-metre range from the shoreline and put out tremendous wakes,” said Norlund. 

You may think the solution would be to just continue building upwards, Norlund says that could bring more risk to his property, “Now I could go higher with the sandbags but I am also risking putting more weight on the rock wall [that is already under water].” 

“If I put too much weight on it then the wall will collapse and I will be in severe trouble.”  

The issue of high-water levels and boaters causing wakes is not one that Norlund faces alone, he says his neighbours are being impacted too, “You know, they are affected one way or another too – whether they are losing barrels or docs – there is damage occurring.” 

Norlund is once again pleading with boaters to slow down and mind their wake, an easy thing for a boater to but it has such a large impact on the waterfront property owners.

“If there was a bit more mutual respect for us as land owners and as citizens of Kenora, they would understand that ‘yes’, we are suffering.”