Water quality will be the focus of a meeting this afternoon in Kenora. It's the annual public meeting hosted by the International Rainy-­Lake of the Woods Watershed Board, of the International Joint Commission. They'll provide an update and answer questions about its activities, during the past year, and upcoming projects related to water quality and aquatic ecosystem health in the watershed.

There will also be a few topics up for discussion. Todd Sellers is the executive director of the Lake of the Woods Water Sustainability Foundation.

"We are really lucky that the officals from the State of Minnesota, who are in charge of (their part of) Lake of the Woods, will be here to present their plan that they have developed to cut costs to us by over 18 per cent to Lake of the Woods,"

Sellers also explained what he was most interested to learn.

"What are the possible next steps for Canada to move from science, and use that science to build an action plan for the Lake. I think that is the important next step for our lake, that we put a sustanability plan in place. Minnesota is taking action, and I'd really like to hear from Canada to move from science to action," he explained.

Attendees can also learn about what's being done to address toxic and nuisance algae in Lake of the Woods by Minnesota, Canada and by the International Joint Commission.

The meeting takes place in the Rosewood Room at the Clarion Lakeside Inn in Kenora, from 2 p.m. until 4:30 p.m., and all are welcome.