Kenora MP Eric Melillo says it's time the governing Liberals did the right thing, when it comes to the latest scandal regarding the We volunteer program.

"Well, this is Justin Trudeau's third strike. He's been found guilty of breaking ethics laws twice already, so I don't expect him to do the right thing and step aside. However, I think the onus is now on all the Liberal MP's and the Liberal Party itself to decide whether or not they're going to support their prime minister or look for new leadership," he said.

Instead of giving money to friends in sole-sourced contracts, Melillo would like to see funds go to help those in need, especially during the pandemic.

"Many of these programs are extremely rigid, and it's been extremely difficult for many businesses to apply for wage subsidies or different levels of support. Bill C-20 was actually just passed in the House of Commons earlier this week, which does create some expansions to the programs. However, we are also hoping to see some plan from the federal government on how we're going to transition away from these programs, as the economy reopens. Unfortunately, we have not seen anything yet," he said.

Eric Melillo is the member of parliament for Kenora, and he's happy to see partnerships in support of the Bear Clan Patrol in Kenora.

"Another great investment. Happy to see many local organizations and the province get on board for that. It's unfortunate the federal government didn't step up the way that we were hoping, but we're going to continue to press them on that, so we get the support that we need," he added. 

The MP is also encouraging people to stay safe as we reopen, in order to avoid a surge of coronavirus cases.

"We're continuing to follow the advice of public health officials, as we begin to reopen it's very important that we do so safely. I believe that we have to follow these rules very closely to ensure that the second wave whenever it comes, is as mild as possible, " he emphasized.

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