Three new paramedicine vehicles have made their way to the area as part of the provincial program to provide seniors with better at-home care.  

The provincial government announced in early February that they are focusing on making sure seniors get easier access to care while staying in their homes.  

The Paramedicine for Long-term Care Program works alongside primary care and home and community care to provide services such as non-emergency home visits and in-home testing procedures, ongoing monitoring of vital signs to prevent escalation of chronic medical conditions, and access to 24-7 through in-home support.  

“The program has been up and running but the vehicles were really the next step in being able to offer expanded services. Frankly, [the program] covers a large catchment area, its not just confined to seniors living in Kenora,” explained Greg Rickford, MPP for the Kenora-Rainy River riding.  

“We want to keep folks in their homes. This is an exciting multimillion-dollar project that I announced and now with the vehicles that they have here, health care professionals including our frontline heroes – the paramedics – are going to be able to go to homes and check up on [seniors], do some of their basic medical tasks, and serve community members better.” 

The program is fully funded by the provincial government and is already operational in 33 Ontario communities. In Kenora, it is operated in partnership with the municipalities and District Social Services Administration Boards.    

This program is a major key in the province's plan to bridge the gaps in care through the transitionary period between seniors living at home to moving into long-term care homes. As of September 2021, more than 38,000 people were on the waitlist to access a long-term care bed in Ontario.