Stephanie Snow with the Young Professionals Network of Kenora wants to help you brush up on your networking and trivia skills!

The Young Professionals Network of Kenora is hosting another fun event this Thursday, April 23 at the Kenora Legion.  The event is meant to be a low pressure way to meet new people on a personal and professional level.  The night will start off with a 'speed dating style' networking session to get to know the attendees and then work into an evening of fun trivia questions and answers with the topics of movies, music, Kenora, and a random catagory.  Stephanie Snow, who is on the steering committee for the YPN of Kenora hopes that anyone interested in getting out and meeting new people will come out for the night.  Registration is not required but it would help to determine final numbers for the event.  To register, visit the YPN's Speed Networking and Trivia facebook page here.

On a side note, I had Stephanie come prepared for our interview with 3 sample questions that could be asked during tomorrow nights event.  None of which I answered correctly.  I did feel confident however in my charm, and that's what I'm going with.  I also felt, that if I were grouped with individuals tomorrow night that did know the answers, at the very least, I'd come out of the event..a little bit more knowledgeable.