The Northwestern Health Unit has declared a workplace outbreak at Dryden's Wal-Mart.

The health unit says, "there are at least two cases of COVID-19 in the workplace, we cannot rule out that transmissions happened in the workplace, and that there is a chance that others in the workplace may have been exposed."

Though the risk to the public remains low, anyone who shopped at Walmart Dryden between March 9th and March 27th, 2021 who has developed cold or flu like symptoms may have been infected with COVID-19 without knowing it.

If you or anyone in your household has developed even one symptom of COVID-19, the whole household must self-isolate and the person with symptoms should get tested.

If you developed symptoms during this time that have improved or resolved you should isolate for 10 days after symptom onset and still consider getting tested.

Contact the Dryden assessment centre for an appointment at 223-3737 or

NWHU’s follow up includes:

  • Contacting all positive cases to make sure they self-isolate and find out if they had any close contacts during the time they were infectious.
  • Contacting all people identified as close contacts of the positive cases to provide them with support, ask them to self-isolate, and arrange testing
  • Working with the workplace to prevent further transmission

All individuals who had high risk exposure to COVID-19 have been notified and given specific instructions.