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Irene McCuaig • Finding the Dragon Within – Virtual Arts Workshop
April 6th & April 20th

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Come enjoy two nights of inspiration guided by Irene McCuaig of Inglenook Studio.

Irene is the owner of Inglenook Art Studio at 1051 Railway Street in Kenora where she offer classes, host workshops and spend hours every day developing her art. Last year, Irene guided us through Notan, a Japanese concept that emphasizes balance between dark and light shapes in a painting. This year, Irene invites us to join her on her journey of 100 Dragons.

Irene will guide particpiants through the process of making a mixed media, textured piece. Participants will be encouraged to be introspective, choosing colours, shapes and textures that match their inner dragons, be they warriors, guardians or pacifists. This is a two session workshop. In the first, we’ll prepare the textured background. In the second, we’ll add media (washes, ink, pencil crayons etc). Please ensure you register for both sessions.

For this workshop, participants will need:
Session 1:
• Substrate. The topic of dragons allows for a lot of flexibility in substrate choices: canvas, Masonite, glass or plexiglass, watercolour paper, a board, a piece of metal…anything that says “dragon” to you. Any size but please don’t work smaller than 8 x 10”. If you do choose a small substrate, use two and try different textures on each.
• A large old brush (stiff and scratchy is best)
• A palette knife
• A piece of boxboard (cereal box for example) cut into 3” x6” pieces
• Heavy gel medium or molding paste or modeling paste (something that will retain its peaks as it dries)
• gesso
• A collection of items that can be dabbed into your medium to create texture eg. plastic fork, chunk of wood, sponge, a marble, spool, tin foil etc
• Some items that can be gesso-ed onto your substrate eg cheesecloth, tissue paper, words cut from magazines or newspapers that suit your dragon, puzzle pieces, coins.
• Stencils or something that we can force your gel through to create texture eg a piece of screen
• Paper and pencil to record ideas

Please note: you do not need all of the above texturing items. A smattering of them will work.

Not sure about making a dragon but still interested in attending? Come watch the fun and join the discussion via Zoom.

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