When should residents call the city to report road maintenance issues?

Kenora residents are asked to wait at least 72 hours following a snowfall to report on road maintenance. Maintenance Standards set forth by the Province require that crews clear certain roads, such as Emergency, bus routes, accessible parking areas, as well as sidewalks, within a set period of time.

Unless 72 hours has passed, residents are asked not call if they feel their street was missed or they feel the snow was not adequately cleaned. There is a set pattern of snow clearing and residents wondering when their road would normally be cleared can access the City’s web page to find out the priority of their road.

If residents are finding significant and unusual situations, they are encouraged to contact the city’s Roads Division Lead or the Divison Crew lead. Such unusual circumstances would be a windrow across the end of a street that was missed by crews, or a missed accessible parking area.

The city would also like to assure residents sand is being applied in the same manner it always has been. During snow events the falling snow and vehicles turning fresh snow, often covers the sand quite quickly. After the snow has stopped falling, surfaces can become polished and the sand is easily pushed to the side or displaced after being applied. As such, the sanding trucks return to the same areas to refresh the sand several times over the course of any given day during, or after, a snow event. However, as the sands effectiveness can be diminished over time, drivers are cautioned that they must always drive to the road conditions.

How you can help

  • Do not park on the street during a snowstorm or while snow-clearing operations are underway
  • Clear snow away from fire hydrants
  • Pile all snow from your driveway and sidewalks on your property, not on the road
  • Please be patient while you wait for plows to get to your street
  • Remind children not to climb or play in snow banks
  • On your recycle and waste day, place recycling and waste containers close to the road edge, but in your driveway so that they do not interfere with snow removal
  • Drive smart – give yourself extra time and distance
  • Give plows plenty of room and remember they may need to back up
  • When approaching a plow, keep your headlights on and stay to the right

Residents also often deposit snow and ice from their property onto the street or sidewalk not realizing that this contravenes the municipal by-law and contributes to unsafe driving and walking conditions. It also increases the cost of providing winter road maintenance. When clearing snow from the driveway residents are asked to please keep this snow on your property.

Roads Division Lead

Troy Goulding


[email protected]

Division Crew Lead

Roger Wilcott


[email protected]

For more information:

City of Kenora Winter Roads Maintenance


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